Ocean Adventures

I’ve always liked adventures and strongly believe my happiness increases with my proximity to salt water. Since I was little, I have loved nothing more then going camping somewhere near the beach or spending days out on the water, sailing in my beloved topper down river for a picnic. Even as a semi-grown up, I enjoyed nothing more then spending the long student summer holidays spent in a campervan, parking up by the beach and spending all day on the sand.


So when I decided to hand in my notice to sail across the Pacific Ocean, it didn’t seem like the most ridiculous thing to do. It was just a bigger adventure to any i’ve taken before- maybe not the conventional route of ‘travellers’ backpacking South East Asia, but that was never exactly going to appeal to me…

I ended up in Chile on in mid-May, after three flights to and across South America – having only ever flown long-haul once, this in its self was an experience. But on the last flight into Puerto Montt my mind was put to ease, seeing Infinity anchored in the bay just outside the city.


Once onboard the boat, everyone was super friendly and I was shown to my own double cabin – where I ended up sleeping for about 14 hours on my first night, to wake up to some amazing pancakes made by Sage, captain Clem’s girlfriend.

My first ten days onboard Infinity were a blur of preparation and getting to know the crew, I spent most of my days repairing and reinforcing stitching on the sails with Elin (she and her boyfriend Gus had travelled all the way down from central america and were looking to continue their adventures). Along with heading into the supermarkets in the city to stock up on supplies – Clem wanted to make sure we had enough food onboard for all the crew (12 of us & the two babies) for at least six months. I don’t think I have ever seen so many potatoes or pasta.



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