Ocean Adventures


After a few rough days, we woke up on the monday morning to glorious sunshine – Chloe (who is from Guernsey, another island I need to visit) had managed to work out a clearer rosta system, so the day to day tasks of cooking and cleaning could fit around the three hour shifts. Now everyone seems to know what they’re doing the work load between the crew seems manageable. I even managed a couple of hours chilling out on the deck listening to music and watching the changing horizon. It’s exciting knowing every hour we are getting further and further away from land and closer to our destination.



By midweek we had made some great progress to Rapa Nui, mostly under sail. Having left the roaring fourties behind we had a couple more days of calm seas and favourable winds. We’ve even managed to sit our on deck and enjoy piscolas (our own concotion of pisco and cola!)

By the end of our first week at sea  everything seemed like it was blurring into one – with everyone sleeping and taking shifts at random times – after a few night shifts I was getting pretty excited about getting a full 8 hours.



We woke up on the friday morning to a pod of dolphins bow ridding with us. In my great excitement I may have run out on deck in pyjamas and got totally soaked by a wave. They stayed with us until lunch time, it was great to sit out on deck with the captain’s eldest daughter watching them play around in the water.

If we cary on making the same level of progress, we are aiming to be on Rapa Nui by the 4th July, which the American’s on board are excited about, so they can celebrate with a drink & solid land beneath our feet.


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