Ocean Adventures


By the end of June we had made some great progress, changing our course slights so we are heading more west then north. The weather had dramatically changed with everyone starting to wear summer clothes and the Antarctica jackets being kept for the very crisp night shifts.


For a couple of days the wind died down so at points we almost felt like we were on a holiday – laying on the deck reading or spending evenings playing bananagrams. My baking skills are increasing too, with Harry (he’s a chef from Brighton) showing us the knack for making light, fluffy bread. Also we are getting fairly creative with our cooking, as most of the really fresh food has been used or frozen and not having much meat onboard. Elin and I made pumpkin lasagne with a creamy thai curry sauce, which went down surprisingly well.


We were so far out to sea, we hadn’t seen land or any other boat in a couple of weeks – or even birds for a few days. But great excitement came when we caught our first fish on the lines running off the stern. It was a pretty large dorado, which we enjoy as sashimi (chloe popped one of many bottles of her Cava) to celebrate the occasion. We were still heading west, with the promise of land about a week away if we cary on with the same rate of progress – on one of my evening shifts I managed to get her up to 11 knots, which for a steel ketch that large, is pretty quick!

The crew are really pulling together well and having all sorts of fun – I think maybe being out of sea for this long turns you a little crazy too. We’ve created our own news paper ‘The Infnity Express’ where anyones mindless quotes and boat happenings are shared with everyone. I’ve also made use of the library on the boat, having already a fair few books over the past weeks.


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