Ocean Adventures



With a few days of slow winds and a bit of rough sea, we were behind schedule, but arrived at Rapa Nui (Easter Island) safe and well. From early that morning we could see the island growing on the horizon, but it wasn’t until the Saturday evening we managed to anchor off the south coast of the island and celebrated with a few drinks on deck.


Early on the Sunday morning we were dropped ashore, eager to feel some solid ground beneath our feet after a few weeks at sea. We wandered the length of the runway into the town, Hanga Roa and enjoyed lunch and finding some Wifi to make contact with home. We wandered up to the town statues too, which were very impressive, before wandering back to infinity.

As the winds shifted, we sailed her around to the town harbour, giving more protection and an shorter run on the tender – Harry and I decided to make the most of not rolling around at sea and cooked up a stack of pizza for the crew, before taking some ashore and climbing up the volcano, to watch a pretty amazing sunset with our picnic. The weather was noticeably warmer, with everyone taking a dip of the boat to wake up in the morning!



We also hired a car for a couple of days, which was really the best way to see the Island – letting us visit all the famous landmarks, such as the fifteen larger standing statues, along with the beautiful beach Anakena. The landscaped was dramatic and a lot more rugged then I was expecting, probably helped by the groups of wild horses which run across the national park. We were also fortunate enough to be welcomed to a BBQ by some of the locals, and with the departure date pushed back by the low winds, enjoyed a final day on the Island spending the last of our Chilean Pesos and stocking up for the next leg.



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