Ocean Adventures



With the new rigging set up, our cruising speed had dropped significantly to about 4 knots, 5 on a good day – however on the odd occasion of it gusting up we thought it a safer option to drop, or heavily reef the sails, as the last thing we would want is to loose the mizen.

I had a particularly rough night shift, with a storm rumbling on the horizon, it was inevitable it would hit us soon. So at 2.30am, most of the crew were on deck bringing down the sails, while I tried my best to keep the boat into the wind. It was a little bit scary, with waves crashing across the deck – but as soon as the engine powered it, it became far easier to handle.


As we continue sailing north, the temperature change became more apparent – with the last of the fresh vegetable (mainly potatoes and carrots) start to turn. So another task on hand of processing these ready for the freezer – peeling, chopping, slicing, we spent hours on deck until the freezer was full. We’ve also had some really fun evenings, making the most of the balmy weather – playing charades on deck or making the most of the smooth seas and projecting movies in the aft cabin.


After a week out of sea, we were distracted by something larger and shinny floating just off course to us – so we made a short detour to discover a fishing device, which had attracted a fair amount of fish. Half the crew decided to go off for a snorkel, while the other half of us made the most of the down time, playing on deck with the kids and discovering the frozen yogurt could almost pass for ice cream.


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