Ocean Adventures


p1020566We arrived at Pitcairn on Monday evening, very late, so we sailed around the island to shelter from the strong northerly wind, until sunrise tuesday morning. Once anchored, we radioed over to the island to find out about pick up from their long boats.

Waiting for the high tide, we stayed on Infinity for the morning – well swam in the warm pacific around us for the first time since Rapa Nui. Just after lunch they launched the long boat, the ride over was very choppy and we all got totally soaked.


On arrival we we greeted by the deputy president, Brenda and each presented with a shell necklace, before being allocated our home stay for the night. Deanna and I stayed at Steve and Olive’s house, an incredibly hospitable couple, giving me a double room with en suit (luxury!) with an amazing view from over the infamous bounty bay. Shortly after our arrival their three grandchildren came over to meet us, by which time we had met 10% of the Pitcairn population.

We ran around the small island with them, showing us how to climb banyan trees, pick passion fruits and crack them open properly, along with introducing us to their pet goats (one was called dinner!) 

Back at the house, Olive made us an amazing meal of steak and G&Ts, with ice cream and FRESH FRUIT for pudding – after so long at sea this was the biggest luxury we could have asked for.

 The following day we were fortunate enough to be given a huge tour of the island on quad bikes, visiting Miss-T the tortoise, then banana picking whole bunches at a time, the great wave at St Paul’s Pool and the glorious views over bounty bay. Although it was a short visit, we were overwhelmed by the amazing hospitality of the locals and the natural beauty of this tiny pacific island. 


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