Ocean Adventures


After a rocky re-fueling from the Pitcairners thursday morning, we set sail once again to the most easterly atoll of French Polynesia, Gambier. We had to make this stop off to allow half of the crew to leave the ship, as with the mast breaking we were a couple weeks behind schedule and they had planes they needed to catch!

This was only four days of sailing away, which was generally pretty uneventful – a fish caught and enjoyed on deck in the subtropical heat and some fair winds, made it an easy crossing. As we sailed into the beautiful archipelago we enjoyed the dramatic, volcanic landscape and a balmy evening on deck – followed by an epic feast of pizza and enjoyed listening to David play guitar and sign after sunset.

On monday morning we went ashore in the search of internet and a beach to enjoy the subtropical heat on – both were found and enjoyed with ice cream, along with a wander around the beautiful island and collecting a few coconuts to enjoy. Tuesday was Harry’s birthday, which was celebrated in the most British way of crumpets for breakfast and a (passionfruit) victoria sponge cake. We spent the day snorkelling the nearby reefs, looking at the colourful corals and tropical fish in ore, along with an nigh time swim under the full moon and starry night.


The following day we set sail for the Tuamotus, I took the helm allowing the others to start their PADI theory training, however shortly leaving the pass a sudden downpour soaked me, not even having time to pull on waterproofs! It was another five days of lazy sailing, the mood on the boat being of general silliness in the sunshine.



(This wonderful adventure was with Infinity Expeditions check out their latest trips on Facebook and Instagram too)


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