Ocean Adventures



Fakarava is an atoll west of the Tuamotus, the second largest of the group and no doubt my most favourite place in the world. An honour not even more recent trips to Bali or New Zealand could steal away from this tropical paradise.

After five days of sailing from Gambier, dodging smaller atolls & reefs, cruising through the most vivid turquoise seas, it was great to anchor Infinity on the Friday morning, after entering Fakarava by the north pass. Within minutes of the anchor dropping, all the crew were in the water – the temperature of which only being slightly cooler then the balmy weather.

After lunch and taking shade from the midday heat, Matt & I swam ashore to explore what this little island had to offer – mainly heap and heaps of coconuts.


We spent the first few days totally relaxing, airing out the ship after such a long time at sea & making the most of being able to buy ice creams and cold drinks for the store. Along with lots of time snorkelling around the tropical reefs & swimming nets of coconuts back to the boat. Here we also ventured out in the tender to the fast flowing pass entrance, where we drift dived the tropical reef – I managed to spot many fish including napoleon wrasse and reef sharks. We all just drifted through, doing nothing more then observe and be totally immersed into the incredible natural beauty.

We then sailed down to the southern pass, along the 60km stretch of coral reefs & golden beaches. We anchored close to the shore, careful to avoid the dense marine life and close to the tiny resort of bamboo huts on stilts (the stuff of tropical paradise).  The following day the resort’s owner motored over to ask for a hand, as he’d been waiting for a big crew to turn up to help him move some boats ready for painting. He was incredibly fascinating, telling us about life on such a remote island and invited us over that evening for oven baked pizza and crisp coconut bread, which was an incredible treat. We stayed there late into the evening, watching another perfect sunset and playing with the fish which swam right up to the dining area.

At the end of the week we had a fairly wet tender ride over to the ‘pink beach’ from the amount of coral ground into the sand. Here we spent all day swimming in the reef, reading in the shade and exploring the small chain of islands near by, with machetes for cracking opening coconuts. The time spent at Fakarava truly felt like paradise, but we had to leave, with the promise of more islands to explore and reefs to discover.


Infinity are still sailing to the most amazing places in the world – you should probably have an adventure with them too.


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