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New Zealand

The west of New Zealand is known for it’s expansive and often unruly coastline, with long stretches of sandy beach spilling into rolling hills. Living in Wellington, I’m super fortunate that the west coast of North Island starts only a short while a way. When the south swell isn’t pushing in, we often head up… Continue reading


I’ve always thought of myself as a conscious, responsible consumer.  I’ve always tried to be aware of my surroundings and leave as little impact as possible, whether this is opting for pre-loved clothing or using a bicycle as my main mode of transport. However, one area I hadn’t given heaps of thought about is my… Continue reading

Travel & Adventures

Ever since cruising through the islands and atolls of French Polynesia, I have dreamt of heading back to the dreamy paradise of a South Pacific Island . So when at a loss of what to get my boyfriend for his 25th birthday, plane tickets to Samoa were a wonderful solution.  As a keen surfer, he… Continue reading

Travel & Adventures

  In the past few years Croatia has become one of the must visit places in Europe, and after a week in Split, I can totally see why. This trip, as ever with my inability to make proper travel plans, was a last minute holiday booked with a really good friend. We wanted somewhere warm,… Continue reading

New Zealand

Raglan, the tiny surf town just across from Hamilton, is one of my absolute favourite places in New Zealand. It was here that a two-day visit ended up as 10 lazy beach days the first time I visited the country a few years ago. When returning back to New Zealand last September, my original plan… Continue reading

A Weekend In...

Barcelona is a beautiful city, from the quirky Gaudi architecture to the long strip of golden sand at the city beach – it has heaps to offer and keep you occupied for a (long) weekend. I’ve compiled my top picks for things to do in & around the city, but to be honest there is… Continue reading

Ocean Adventures

All great adventures must come to an end and the end of my pacific adventure was insight. We had a couple of days of smooth sailing to Tahiti, most of it under sail until the wind died off just as we got closer to the Island. We anchored just outside the main harbour, close to… Continue reading