All great adventures must come to an end and the end of my pacific adventure was insight. We had a couple of days of smooth sailing to Tahiti, most of it under sail until the wind died off just as we got closer to the Island. We anchored just outside the main harbour, close to … More

After a amazing time in Fakarava, we had to make headway as we needed to make it back to Tahiti to meet some new crew members, but not before visiting a couple more atolls in the Tuamotus. Leaving the fast-flowing southern pass at 1am, fortunately under a full moon, was interesting to stay the least. … More

Fakarava is an atoll west of the Tuamotus, the second largest of the group and no doubt my most favourite place in the world. An honour not even more recent trips to Bali or New Zealand could steal away from this tropical paradise. After five days of sailing from Gambier, dodging smaller atolls & reefs, cruising … More

As ever with traveling, I always end up staying for longer then originally planned – Wellington was only ever going to be a long weekend to catch up with a couple of friends… six weeks later I have a job and my own room to rent until January, so for a wee while, I feel … More

After a rocky re-fueling from the Pitcairners thursday morning, we set sail once again to the most easterly atoll of French Polynesia, Gambier. We had to make this stop off to allow half of the crew to leave the ship, as with the mast breaking we were a couple weeks behind schedule and they had … More

We arrived at Pitcairn on Monday evening, very late, so we sailed around the island to shelter from the strong northerly wind, until sunrise tuesday morning. Once anchored, we radioed over to the island to find out about pick up from their long boats. Waiting for the high tide, we stayed on Infinity for the … More